Our Values

1. Make a Big Difference

We want to do things a little differently at Fervor. We focus on innovation and sustainability to build a better world. 


2. Fair Wages

It is of utmost importance to us that all of our team is paid a fair wage. We are doing everything we can to make sweatshops a thing of the past. 


3. Sustainability 

It is our goal every year to be a zero waste facility. From recycling, to using recycled materials, plantable tags, and using scrap fabric to make unique one off pieces, we strive each day to reduce our footprint. 


4. Quality 

We take pride in our quality. From hand stitching to custom tags, each garment is crafted as if it was our own. 


5. Bringing Manufacturing Home

We will always manufacture right here in the USA. American ingenuity is best produced on American soil.