About Us

Fervor /fərvər/: intense and passionate feeling. 

"She pursued her dreams with fervor."


Hi, I'm Meredith. 

I started Fervor because I had the worst moment ever one day in the gym... I split my leggings mid squat. 

I vowed as I walked out of the gym with a friends hoodie tied around my waist that I would make better leggings... ones for women with big booties. 

Well... I did that... and after I made a pattern that fit me perfectly and started putting that pattern on my other big booty girlfriends, I figured out quickly that there were too many nuances for that to REALLY fit everyone with a big booty. 

There are so many components to the perfect fit. I set out on a mission to have the tech for someone to scan themselves from their home and for us to deliver a perfectly fit garment. 

I've never before met a woman who said "yeah I go to the store and everything fits me so well." We all have unique differences and clothing should be made to fit the wearer not the other way around. 

So, standard sizing be damned... We aim to make every item in your closet as unique as you are. 

<3 Mer  

P.S. Check out our "How it Works" Illustration!