We make clothing that is custom fit to you, all from your phone!

Forget Standard Sizing

Toss out those letters and numbers that stand for nothing and aren't standardized, order YOUR custom fit based on YOUR measurements.

Step into custom

Getting your measurements is easy. It takes three minutes and we have a simple video below to show you how!


Wow, just wow!!!!! Where have you been all my life! Finally, a company that understands what a “true fit” is! Using new technologies to scan my body personally on my phone, so that my clothes fit me exactly, is phenomenal! I am not one true size, so using Fervor Luxe is really having a Personal tailor for me all the time.
I have a pencil skirt, pants, and a coordinating sweater made by this amazing company. Love to wear these new favorites!!! Quality apparel for the real me!


“Literally the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever put on my body. Like ever. The fact that I finally have a pair of pants that actually fit my waistline AND my butt AND my thighs is a miracle in and of itself.”